Tips for giving a teenager a mobile phone

Parents of teenagers will know the constant battle and worry that this age brings. 13 to 19 can be a traumatic period of our lives for both parties but with careful management and love it can be overcome and even enjoyed. One of the first obstacles to achieving some kind of harmony is when the teenager starts to demand an entry into the world of technology. For a great part of this it means getting a mobile phone. Before you begin it’s advisable to get a good one and this is why you need to go to King Communications and try a Vodafone near me. Being one of the most reputable and solid brands on the market it truly offers a perfect first time or continuation optional upgrade to the teen about town.

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First of all make sure you have a data limiting phone. The last thing that you want is for your teen to absentmindedly go over the limit and start to rack up a huge bill as this is easily done by adults let alone kids. Also ensure that safe searching on the internet is set up . It’s a sad fact that there is some pretty nasty stuff out there that the unsuspecting teen can stumble across.

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The question of screen time is hotly debated around the world let alone the UK. With more and more children suffering from obesity due to a sedentary lifestyle it’s  vital that we limit the amount of time they get. Screen time options can be downloaded that block the phone for use only at certain times. Some still allow for emergency use but effectively the phone is shut down and you control when it is active again.

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