A cracking item for a hike

When you’re about to go out and about on a hike no matter the distance and the location you need to be prepared and ready for all the things that the British weather can throw at you. Believe me, the Norfolk Broads can be just as inclement as the Scottish Highlands when they want to be given their flatness and location next to the North Sea. The weather comes in quick and if the East wind is blowing live and direct from Russia there might be snow in the air. Here are a few things that you’ll need to have with you.

  1. A good stout walking a stick or poles. The use of a pole reduces the stress to the knees by a solid percentage. Saving the knees are vital if you are going to make hiking a new hobby.

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  1. Decent boots and or shoes. You cannot wear trainers. They will make your feet sweat and chaffe. What you need are some boots or special walking shoes. There is a huge amount of choice available.

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  1. A warm top. Here is where you should look at a bit of tradition. The perfect hiking jumper is one of the Aran Sweaters like you can get from Shamrock Gift. These were originally made for the fisherfolk of this remote Irish island. Not only do they keep the cold out but they are also water resistant. Have a nice base layer underneath and you are sorted.
  2. Over trousers. Jeans are a bad idea and they absorb water and can become heavy. Walking trousers like cargoes and better but if you can’t manage that then some over trousers to cover the jeans makes sense

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