How many shirts do you need?

The question of whether we have too many clothes in our wardrobe has been going on now for many years. The cloth mountain of discarded clothes is growing rapidly and it seems that without some degree of control we’ll be left with a huge legacy. The dyes and processes that go into making a shirt are expensive and costly to the environment. Therefore it makes sense to think about how many clothes we have and to use the ones that we do until they really are no use to us anymore.

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First things first, you should always buy a quality product that is ethically created. Men’s Levi’s Shirts for example represent long wear great value and you can get some at EJ Menswear.  There are categories of shirt use that you can apply to your life as we shall see.

  1. Workwear. If you work in an office, have 5 shirts for everyday. You don’t need anymore than that as the 5 day week is still the norm. If you work from home you’ll need a lot less.
  2. Casual and leisure. Short sleeved shorts are usually the order of the day here. However it’s unlikely that you’ll need them in the winter so retire them to a storage box in October and wait to get them out again in March.  This will protect them and give them a longer life.

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  1. Winter shirts. Have 2 thick shirts for the winter and as with the Casual and leisure shirts above store them away over the summertime so they are fresh for the winter use you are going to put them through.

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