The life and talent of Angela Lansbury

One of the longest serving actresses is that of Angela Lansbury. She is an incredible 95 years old yet she still manages to keep her hand in the acting game with the voiceover and even the odd appearance work. She is currently the oldest living Holiday Nominee (she has one for Lifetime Achievement) dating back to the Golden age of Hollywood. She has starred in family favorites for Disney like Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Beauty and the Beast (where she was obliged to sing as well as act!). There is memorable appearance as the harridan Grannie from Nanny McPhee and she earned a decent crust from her long running television show Murder. She Wrote as the eponymous crime writer come detective Jessica Fletcher. She certainly deserves a bit of down time and she would certainly find that in Residential Park Homes like the ones at

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Angela Brigid Lansbury was born in London in 1925. She can claim 3 citizenships United States, English and Irish. Her Mum was born in Belfast and her Father was a wealthy timber merchant and member of the British Communist party. He died when she was just nine and facing financial ruin her Mother struggled to educate her until she remarried and moved to Hampstead. Lansbury educated herself for the most part and a huge part of that was watching movies, which he fell in love with and resolved to be an actress. Her parents moved at the outset of the Second World War to avoid the blitz of London.

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She was taken in my a wealthy New York Businessman who sponsored her through theatre school recognising a talent when he saw one. She also obtained a scholarship. Moving with her Mother to Los Angeles both intended on a career in Movies. It was Angela who succeeded in starring in Gaslight, a part she came across following a party that her mother threw. She was on her way.

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