Keeping heating bills low in your park home

Park homes have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially amongst older people looking to downsize, and often because there’s less maintenance required. Another advantage of park homes is their price – most cost much less than standard bricks and mortar houses, starting at around £70,000.

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There are several reasons for this, the main one being that park homes are pre-fabricated, made offsite and delivered to a residential park home site, where they’ll sit on land owned by the site, not the park home’s owner.

How energy efficient are park homes?

Some people worry that because of how park homes are built, and the fact they’re designed to last only around sixty years, they aren’t energy efficient – something which matters a lot to older people on fixed incomes, especially as winter approaches. This worry is unfounded, however, at least when it comes to newer park homes. In fact, it is the opposite, or at least it can be.

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To keep your park home energy bills low, one of the best things you can do is buy well from an established manufacturer, one who makes their homes as energy efficient as possible. For example, family firm Park Home Life, build eco-friendly Gloucester park homes for sale. You can also use an energy calculator to estimate your heating bills.

Making your park home more energy efficient

If you don’t have an energy efficient park home, or find your energy bills aren’t as low as you’d like, there are things you can do to improve your home without having to turn down the heat:

– Add insulation to your walls, floor and roof space. This can significantly reduce your heating bills, and eliminate mould and condensation.
– Replace your boiler with an eco-friendly version designed specifically for park homes.
– Install underfloor heating or radiators where you can control the temperature in individual rooms, rather heating rooms you don’t use.
– Add solar panels to your roof, reducing your reliance on energy from the grid by generating your own.

Of course, with all these changes, you’ll need to speak to your park manager to make sure they don’t impact any contract you have. Hopefully, however, they’ll be happy with changes, meaning you can update your park home and keep your bills low.

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