What is a tree preservation order?

It is not permissible to simply cut down a tree. Local authorities have various rules and regulations that must be adhered to by the general public and commercial operations. The Tree preservation order was created to protect rare trees or ones that play an essential part in the landscape. Several restrictions are placed on what can happen to a tree that is the subject of a Tree preservation order.

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Firstly they are not to be felled under any circumstances. If this were to happen, the person or organisation responsible would face the full punitive power of the law. This could result in a large fine that may well prove to be costly.

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Secondly, the topping or lopping of the tree is also not allowed without consent or some specialist work. The work will usually fall into the hands of professional Tree Surgeon Bournemouth based operations like that of  https://kieranboylandtreeservices.com. They can ensure that whatever protective work is required upon the tree will not result in its destruction.

Other possibly destructive acts that cannot be done to the tree under a  Tree preservation order are as follows.

  • This involves the exposing of the roots of the tree. This can result in its death.
  • Wilful Damage. If it can be proven that due care was not taken or that harm was directly focused on the tree, then legal action will be required. The same is true if the wilful destruction of the tree can also be proved.

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