The right name for my website is important

When you’re putting together a website, the first thing you tend to think of is the design. Your head is filled with ideas for how to get your core message across to visitors, persuading them to part with their cash for your products or services.

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However, you should never underestimate the importance of choosing the right name for your website.  A great example is a Gloucester Vape Shop calling there site lazyjuice because of the amount of choice you can get in terms of flavours and price. Get it right, and visitors will find you easily; get it wrong, and no matter how good your SEO is, prospective customers will struggle to find you at all. With that in mind, follow our simple tips to make sure your website has the best and most suitable name.

Register yourself as the domain name owner

According to an article in Entrepreneur, far too many business owners overlook this simple but important step. You may feel that the domain ownership is a minor thing, but if you don’t own it, you have no control over it, and it could end up costing you significant sums of money to regain control. Make sure you complete the registration, and keep your subscription up-to-date to prevent someone else from gaining control of your domain.

Keep it simple

The shorter the name, the better, but with so many websites nowadays, it gets harder to find a short and unique name. Longer names are not necessarily bad; if they are relevant to your business and easy to remember, they will work. The key is that your site name needs to be memorable enough for potential customers to be able to find you easily online.

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Is it simple to type?

Complicated spellings and domain names with lots of confusing characters will end up costing you visitors, so make sure that your website name rolls off the tongue – and off the fingers, too.

Are keywords relevant?

Think about keywords related to your business model, and see whether they might be appropriate to use as part or all of your domain name.

Use your location

Small local businesses that use their location as part of their web address find it easy to source local customers.

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