All Things Copper

Did you know that the very first metal ever to be manipulated by humans was copper? Humans have been using copper to make things for at least 8000 years!

Today we use copper for heating and plumbing purposes. The reason we use copper is because it is tough and also resistant to external corrosion. This means it can be used in underground applications. Thanks to its resilience, it can last for many decades and is also highly recyclable.

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As if this wasn’t enough – copper has other benefits too. It actually boasts antimicrobial qualities so it can be used for supplying drinking water, where other materials would not be suitable. Copper pipes are incredibly safe to drink from and also act to lower lead traces in water too! Is there anything that copper can’t do?

Copper is also an economical metal. Whilst it is more expensive than plastic, for example, it is safer and longer lasting, as well as being sustainable so is preferable to plastic on many fronts. This is why it is the top choice for plumbers and engineers around the world. For Copper Pipe supplies, go to Watkins & Powis

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There are two types of copper tubing, rigid and soft. Rigid is more commonly used in water lines and is known as ‘pipe’ and is chosen by its inner diameter. This type of pipe is unable to be bent so must be connected using elbow fittings. Soft copper can be bent and is the most popular choice for applications such as refrigeration lines and heat pumps.

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