What does a procurement manager do?

The procurement manager has a challenging task in from of them. In short, they and their department of officers, or sometimes acting alone if they are a small company, will be solely responsible for the ordering and securing of all the business equipment, office supplies, raw materials (if a manufacturing organisation) for the business to function. If they or their team fail in that role, the company will come across severe operational problems and issues. This can ultimately lead to reductions in profits and a loss of reputational status with other organisations that rely on you in the supply chain.

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A procurement manager needs to be able almost to see the future. They will do this by studying forecasts, changes in the marketplace, both internally and externally, for demand and what the people on the production floor tell them they need. Procurement is now primarily a data management operation. However, the skill of an analytics expert is also required. The reading of Excel or similar spreadsheets is vital.

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