How to troubleshoot problems with your TV reception

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The introduction of digital TV has given us many more channels and increased the range of viewing options on offer, whether you’re getting your TV through an aerial or via satellite.

However, digital – and especially HD – places greater demands on your receiving equipment, so if it is not in top condition, you may be missing out on channels or suffering problems like picture break-up. Bad weather can make things worse. The Freeview site lets you check which channels you should be able to get. What should you do if things aren’t working as they should?

Freeview problems

Problems with Freeview reception can be caused by poor weather conditions. If you are experiencing problem, there are a few things to check first. First of all, make sure all of the cables connecting the TV and/or Freeview box or recorder to the aerial are properly connected.

If you have had the problem for a while, it may be that your aerial is misaligned, perhaps as a result of storm damage. If your neighbours are getting good reception and you are not, it may be time to look for a business offering Tewkesbury TV aerial repair.

If you’re missing some channels, try retuning your TV or box before you call out someone like to repair your aerial. Broadcasters do move things around from time to time, so you might just have to look for what you want.

Satellite problems

Satellite reception problems can often be caused by bad weather, especially heavy rain or snow, which makes it harder for your dish to see the signal from the satellite. The problem is exacerbated if your dish is not in perfect alignment. They can be knocked out of position by strong winds, and you may need to call out an engineer to realign it for you.

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If you are still struggling when the weather is good, try rebooting your box and see if that sorts things out.

Cable problems

If you have a cable service such as Virgin, problems can often be caused by poor connections. Check all of the cables connecting your TV or box and try rebooting the kit. Splitters that divide the signal to feed TVs in other rooms can often cause problems. If all of the connections are fine, you will need to call an engineer.

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