Major mobile marketing trends to watch out for in 2017

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As mobile devices continue to enjoy widespread popularity, attention is turned to the marketing trends that are likely to dominate this sector in 2017. Here are some key trends to watch out for this year.

Focus on load speeds

Every good marketer knows that slow mobile site load speeds kill traffic. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, users won’t have the patience to hang around waiting. It’s vital that every mobile marketer addresses sluggish load speeds this year if they want to see their traffic grow.

Add video content

According to CIO, video is the most popular form of online content. Video in the mobile sector is likely to soar this year, so any brand that is not yet using video in its mobile strategies needs to get on board as soon as possible.

Ditch the popup ads

Popup ads can be annoying, and even Google has stated that anything that makes content harder to access will be downgraded in search rankings. If you use popup ads, this year could be the time to give them the heave-ho – or at least make them more discreet.

Sometimes popups are still vital for age-restricted sites, so if you want to create ads that make the best use of your site without affecting its content accessibility, consult design experts such as, who offer web design in South Devon and elsewhere.

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Embrace voice search

Voice search is a growing trend, with at least 20 per cent of searches now made this way. Voice search is likely to become a more pertinent feature of mobile marketing strategies, and this year could see the trend really take off. In addition to optimising content for voice search, marketers could add voice ordering and virtual assistant platforms to their mobile apps.

Careful app management

Although launches of new mobile apps have risen in the past year, the actual installation figures are much lower. Research has shown that five out of 10 apps are only used around 10 times. This means that marketers developing apps for mobiles need to be extra careful in their development strategies so they don’t create another app destined to get minimal views. Concentrating on mobile web initially makes better sense. It’s also wise to focus on attracting smaller, engaged audiences rather than larger ones.

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