An Introduction to CIPP Lining

If you have leaking pipes to deal with, then you will want to know about CIPP lining and why it is such a popular solution when it comes to rehabilitating failing pipe work.

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First Steps

CIPP stands for cured in place pipe, or what could be described as a pipe that is inside a faulty pipe, which can be very effective in repairing many kinds of pipes of varying diameters. A pipe or drain lining company will initially investigate the piping with a camera to see if anything else needs repairing. It is important that no debris or roots, or blockages such as fatbergs, are clogging the pipes.

Fatbergs are becoming more of a problem as people flush items such as wet wipes and tip all kinds of oil down their drains. To learn more about how big a problem fatbergs can be, see this report in The Guardian.

Making a Pipe Whole Again

The CIPP process means digging is not required, because a felt pipe is inserted into the damaged pipe or drain. This tube is generally made of fibreglass polyester and resins that help it set effectively. When the lining is positioned correctly inside the damaged pipe, it is then activated by a hot substance, usually steam or water, and then this causes the thermosetting CIPP liner to adhere to the interior of the broken pipe.

The CIPP lining will need some time to set, or cure, and this can take up to three hours. When the job is done, you essentially have a new pipe created inside the old one. CIPP lining is versatile and means far less disruption for the environment, as heavy machinery is not needed to dig up the pipes that need repairs.

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It’s important to use qualified contractors. If you are looking for a reputable drain lining company, it would be a good idea to consult some of the leaders in the field, such as, where you can find guidance and advice.

Done properly, CIPP lining can be an efficient solution that saves you time and money. As the new interior CIPP lining pipe has no joints, this contributes to the longevity of its service and means that repairs of this type can be counted on to deliver excellent value for money and peace of mind.

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