Tips for a rainy day wedding

Brides are notorious for planning their weddings down to the most minute detail, but the weather is one thing that no one has control over. What you can do to minimise disruption caused by the weather is to make contingency plans. Your best bet, rather than get upset about the weather, is to embrace it and make the most of it.

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Put yourself first

You have put a huge amount of thought into your dress and probably spent a good proportion of your budget on it, so make sure you consider how to protect it in the event of adverse weather. Spray the hem with a protective covering such as Scotchgard, or ask your bridesmaids to help you hold it up through the puddles as you walk from one photo location to another. Don’t forget that there is nothing to say your shoes have to be dainty and with high heels; if it comes to it, you can always wear a pair of wellies under your dress!

Bring a brolly

In fact, bring lots. You will appreciate it, and your guests will thank you for it. Clear umbrellas will be better for photographs because they won’t cast shadows over your face, although coloured versions can create fantastic props.

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Have some towels on standby in case you get caught in a downpour, and a hairdryer could be very useful. You might even like to pre-empt the weather and incorporate a ‘stormy’ cocktail into your wedding breakfast.

Depending on the time of year for your event, your guests may choose to take the likely weather forecast into account when they plan their outfits. Some brides-to-be like to include a list of recommended hotels with their gift list, while others will send details of suggested boutiques and retailers such as that offer wedding guest dresses ready to cope with whatever Mother Nature might throw at your day.

The Knot has more suggestions for dealing with rainy weather on your big day.

Don’t worry if you don’t see the sun, as too much bright sunshine can cause problems for photographers through glare bouncing off white dresses, not to mention photos full of squinty guests! Darker skies are perfect for your photographer to get creative and come up with some really dramatic shots.

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