What Are The Flower Etiquette Tips?

It is, however, important to have a clear understanding of the best flower etiquettes before buying those beautiful roses for someone you consider special. Receiving or giving out flowers could help brighten someone’s day but at the same time, it could cause embarrassment if the etiquettes are not followed. For this reason, therefore, it will be appropriate for you to know the meaning of different flowers, why you should give them and to whom you should give that bunch or stick. This will help give your flowers the right meaning, making them more appreciated. Below are some tips to help you as you choose to brighten the face of a loved one:

Know the Meaning of the Different Flower Colors

Different flower colors carry different meanings and therefore you should understand the meaning of the flowers before giving them out. As you choose the flowers to give, always consider the message you intend to convey and this way, you will avoid the embarrassment that could be caused by the wrong color choice.

Consider the Culture of the Country

Although flowers are accepted as gifts throughout the world, it is important to understand the different cultures before giving out the flowers. Different flowers and colors mean different things to different cultures and you might offend if you give someone a certain flower which means different things from what you think. For example, the red color is closely associated with happiness in Asia while white is normally used in mourning. Flower etiquette varies greatly from culture to culture and this is important to understand.

Consider The Number Of Flowers

Different numbers mean different things to different cultures. This is highly important especially if you are giving the flowers to someone from a different culture. For example, in Europe, giving a dozen flowers is considered inappropriate but things are different in the USA. Do not give 13 sticks as this number if consider unlucky.

Consider Your Relationship

Although gifts are acceptable at any given time, your relationship with the recipient should not be ignored. This will help in the choice of colors and flower type as well. For example, giving pink roses to your female boss if you are a man could be embarrassing as this color of roses is normally given to convey the message for a secret admirer. Before buying or sending any flowers, therefore, understand the meaning of both the colors and flower types.

Choose Appropriate Flowers for the Occasion

Different flowers signify different things in different cultures. It will be inappropriate therefore to give a flower that could convey the wrong message to the recipient. For example, it is appropriate to give honeysuckles to your parents as these normally signify devotion. If giving flowers to the sick, gladiolus’s will be appropriate as they convey a message of recovery.

Know Whether the Occasion Allow Flowers

Finally, it is important to know when or when not to send flowers. Flower etiquette demands that flowers should not send during certain occasions such as when one is fighting for his or her life in the ICU. It is always good to know that flowers are intended to bring cheerfulness and not an embarrassment. For this reason, know where and when to send them.

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