Re-Arranging Your Wedding in the Time of Coronavirus

So, you have spent months planning a wedding, sorting all the details making everything perfect and thinking of everything only for a global pandemic to put an end to your big day and honeymoon plans!

Of course, this is an unfortunate unseen event, but what do you do now? Here are the first steps you will need to take to rearrange your wedding and hope for second time lucky…

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Let all your Guests know as soon as possible – Of course they will probably be expecting the wedding to be rearranged but do let them all know that you are cancelling the big day just in case! Sending out change the date cards is a good way to do this.

Decide when you want to reschedule for – Speak to your partner and members of the wedding party and check what dates they are available too – decide whether you want to do it this year or postpone the whole event until next year.

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Speak to all of your Suppliers and Venue to check your future date is good for them – You may have to tweak this arrangement a little bit if you are determined to hold your wedding this year, some may be fully booked – but have a look at alternative caterers and other venues, you may even find one you prefer, when it comes to wedding venues Northamptonshire brides are spoilt for choice with

Try to Stay Calm – As stressful as all of this is remember your end goal is to get married surrounded by family and friends- and that will happen. You could even see all of your previous planning as a test run, so now you will be a pro at organising the big day!

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