Why is it called designer clothing?

Designer clothing is often described as being clothing that has the logo of the designers business placed somewhere on the item of clothing. There are many different examples of this and they tend to be the clothing items that are slightly more expensive than your standard high street shop. Within this range there is a huge variety of prices with some being just slightly higher than the high street and some being aspirational brands that often have clothing items for hundreds of pounds.

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Some of the designers that we know well have since passed away and the businesses are still operating, selling items that they created and even in some cases coming up with new designs based on the original designers ideas. Designers tend to be individual fashion professionals who then influence the way that other fashion businesses buy their items such as Mens Ralph Lauren Polo Knitware which may then have an impact on high street fashion clothing for men. They are the individuals that often have collections in catwalk events such as Paris Fashion Week. The designs then impact the way that other fashion companies and those on the high street develop their garments and what they sell in their stores.

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As well as having their own shop and online presence, designer labels are often also sold in other retail outlets, which means that their clothing can be seen by people who may not usually look in fashion designer stores.




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