What you can do to make a difference

Humanitarian jobs are usually the most rewarding. Working in the charity sector does not only help those in need but can also help an individual grow and nourish as a person. Support worker jobs Gloucester companies can help an individual find a job as a support worker.


Careers in the humanitarian sector are all about bettering the lives of an individual and a community. More often than not, they are found in developing countries and emergency situations but the need for this career exists all over the world.


An example of a humanitarian career is a foreign aid worker. They work with non-government organisations and local communities and travel to where they are needed the most. A foreign aid worker can be a difficult career path to go down as they are exposed to dangerous situations such as disease exposure or violence. There are many different tasks included in being a foreign aid worker. Some include fundraising, planning and managing projects, communications closely with local authorities on a regular basis, and preparing reports.


Social workers can massively help others in many different ways. They work in several different environments such as schools, hospitals, and government agencies.

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