Stylish options for your summerhouse

The sale of Summerhouses have been increasing over the last 2 years. There are a variety of reasons for why this is, one of the most common being the coming of Covid 19. As we were expected to spend a huge amount of time in our gardens under lockdown the need to improve the space became more acute. Not only that, putting the summerhouse together, if it is a self build, is a great project to pass the time. Once the summerhouse is up what it is used for starts a big debate.

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Many people have bought them to use as a makeshift office to work from home. As they haven’t been able to get to the gym, many people have set them up a home option in their summerhouse.   Others have used them as a way to escape from family or flat members as the daily grind of being with people starts to see temperatures rise. Some people just need their space, it seems.

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However, for most of us the Summerhouse is to be used for just a nice place to sit and watch the lengthening shadows creep over the garden, reminding us that soon we’re going to have to do the watering. What can you deck out your summer house with? The best option is to go for some stylish Lloyd Loom Chairs, all of which can be bought from These timeless classics make perfect accomplishment to a you summer house and garden.

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