10 ways to keep your wedding budget low

The cost of the average UK wedding is now over £20,000, a daunting sum if you are on a tight budget. There are plenty of ways to save money, however, whether you just want to trim the costs down a little, or plan your entire wedding for as little cost as possible.

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1. Book an out of season date

Venues, suppliers and other wedding-related businesses charge a premium in the summer, but booking your big day for a less popular time of year can save you thousands. If you don’t mind getting married on a Friday, that’s another great way to save.

2. Pick an unusual venue

Weddings in places such as zoos and theme parks can be cheaper than you might think, and you’ll certainly guarantee your guests an unforgettable day!

3. Make your own invitations

Get on Pinterest and be inspired to make your own handmade wedding invitations, saving hundreds of pounds on professional versions. Confetti has some stunning invite ideas, including tips on how to use Word to design them. If you’re not the artistic type, get an independent designer such as https://www.looneylizardcreations.co.uk/handmade-invitations/wedding-stationery/ to make them for you.

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4. Go high street for your dress

There is simply so much choice nowadays that you will have no trouble finding your dream dress on the high street for a fraction of the cost of designer alternatives.

5. Trim the guest list

If you are serious about saving money, cutting back on your guest list is an instant way to do this.

6. Supply your own drinks

Find a venue that will let you provide your own booze, and you could save hundreds of pounds on your catering costs.

7. Order a takeaway

Most people love takeaway food, and if your wedding has a quirky, unconventional theme, serving your guests a delicious Chinese banquet or fish and chip supper could be a fun and affordable way to feed everyone.

8. Rope in friends and family to help

9. Ask a car-loving friend to play chauffeur

If you know someone with a love of classic cars, ask them to act as your chauffeur.

10. Use fake flowers

Flowers are always more expensive than you might expect when it comes to weddings, so save hundreds by using artificial versions.

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