Guidance for choosing a care home

The process of choosing care services remains a major challenge for many families. Here are some tips for choosing a care company for you or your loved ones.

  1. Plan ahead and do your research

This is easier said than done, but the fact is that the family should take more responsibility to make decisions about care for the elderly, rather than ending up being forced to deal with the issue in times of crisis. Using the internet, find a list of local authority social service providers, talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional.

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  1. Talk about care choices with each other

It’s better to communicate and involve those who will receive support. This doesn’t always occur despite families having the desire to be open and helpful. Everyone is more susceptive to help when we feel more in control over our decisions. For Care Homes Leicester, visit a site like Sanders Senior Living, a leading provider of Care Homes Leicester

  1. Check the Care Quality Commission (CQC) ranking

The CQC is the national regulatory body for health and social care and they check all care companies each year and publish a detailed report on their website. It includes outstanding, good, needs improvement or inadequate ratings. Always read the CQC report for different providers.

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  1. Speak with Care Management team

Once you have researched the company, call the care management team and ask any questions you have. Check that they are knowledgeable, responsive, understanding and genuinely interested in learning about your needs or those of your loved ones. You should also ask how they assess client needs and establish a treatment plan with your family.

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