What is oak used for?

Oak trees are an abundant species and can be used for hundreds of different things. The oak tree produces acorns that are later used in food and beverages. There are many uses for this wood and it is, as a result, highly desirable for its flexibility and durability. It is very likely that you already have oak in your home or even enjoyed a glass of wine aged in oak barrels.

Oak wood is very tough and has a glowing hue combined with an attractive grain. It is resistant to fungi which makes it highly durable. As an oak tree matures, it could take in almost 50 gallons of water every day!

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Wood shade varies between trees and even between individual branches of a tree. This is what makes every part of the tree unique, even when oil is applied to finish the wood, there is so much variation in grain and colour. Oak is stunning and needs little in the way of additional decoration.

Oak is most often seen in furniture and construction. Oak is used to make tables, cabinets, bookcases, chairs and many other storage units. It is also used for Oak Framed Garages. Find out more about Oak Framed Garages at a site like Timberpride. It is preferred thanks to its long-lasting abilities and strength.

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Oak flooring is also popular, as is oak in many other construction projects. A building can feature delightful exposed beams or a stylish and welcoming entrance into a home using a bespoke oak frame porch, for example.

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