Reasons to install double glazing now

Double glazing can make a huge difference to the quality of life in your home. Here are some compelling reasons to install it right away:

  1. Double glazing can help reduce your energy bills

The two glass panes have a pocket of air insulation between them, meaning your property can be better protected from the outside elements. It holds hot air inside the home and keeps the cold air out. Double glazing lasts for 20 years so makes for a wise investment.

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  1. Update your home

Double glazing is available in aluminium, wood and upvc and whichever you choose will make your home look more modern. Should you decide to sell your home at any time, the installation of double glazing is likely to help it sell faster. There’s more to beautiful glass than windows too. Why not consider installing a stunning Glass Balustrade from a site like

  1. Say goodbye to rotting frames

Old rotten wooden frames look unpleasant but also cause draughts to enter your home, pushing up your heating bills. Advanced rotting can also make windows dangerous and should be replaced immediately.

  1. Say goodbye to excess noise

The noise of the outside world breaching your home life can cause a lot of stress. The double-paned aspect helps to reduce any exterior noise from penetrating your peace.

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  1. Prevent fogging

If you have double glazing that is older than 20 years, chances are the seals have stopped working. This can be seen in fogging glass. This ruins the view, as well as making your home draughty.

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