What is a Shamrock?

The question of what is a shamrock can be debated endlessly. It has been used by people of Irish decent for hundreds of years. In fact, you can see many old photos in old books of people wearing them. The real history of shamrocks is somewhat hazy at best, even though there are some facts to be found in how they were worn and what they represented. There are some legends however that tell about their origin and meaning. They form the basis for several ST Patricks Day Gifts. You can see what we mean when you shop ST Patricks day gifts here.

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A shamrock is usually a small green sprig, now widely used as a symbol of Irishness. It was known as the “stone of friendship” and was seen as an emblem of luck, love and luck in general. It is also said that St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, used it as an emblem for the Christian religion. The name itself comes from Irish seermairg, which literally means “green clover”, and is also the diminutive of the word seamairach, which means “to speak.” Shamrocks were also used by Irish in symbolism of marriage.

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The orange and green shamrock was often used by Irish as a symbol for friendship, luck, peace, and prosperity. Irish used it to ward off evil spirits and also thought it would bring them good fortune. A shamrock symbolises luck for agricultural prosperity and is thought to help crops and animals. It is also believed to prevent child birth and is known as the “shoulder of God” in Irish folklore.


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