Is painting my floor a good idea?

If you take a trip to your local home improvement exhibition, you won’t find any stands concerned with painting your floor.

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There’s no aisle devoted to it at the DIY store either. Tiles, carpets, laminate flooring and real wood lays are all an option – by why is a painted floor taboo?

Old world charm

Simply put, it’s a flooring solution you can carry out yourself, and one that you don’t need any professional qualifications to do. It’s also a flooring style that has been popular in the UK and US for a couple of hundred years.

During the Victorian era, when the sudden mass-market availability of paint in all colours drove new looks, a painted floor was a standard feature. But we fell out of love with this look because we wanted to convey a new sense of luxury.

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Natural and hard-wearing engineered flooring became the mark of quality. Homeowners didn’t want to have to continuously sand and re-paint their floors every year to keep them looking new. Painted floors can be wonderful, but no matter what product you use, the effect will not last forever.

Modern painted floors

owever, there are circumstances when painting your floor is completely acceptable. For those who don’t intend on investing in new flooring but whose wooden flooring won’t take another sanding, simply painting over the top is an option. Just remember to start from the far corner and work your way out.

Home Decorations

Whilst looking at painting your floors it might be worth having a complete re look at the paint on your walls and the general decoration of your rooms. If you have been in your home a while or just moved in, a professional Decorators Cheltenham company could come in and really spruce and refresh everything for you. The great thing about doing this at the same time as your floors is that you can pick matching colours and tie it in with your furniture. There are some great sites out there to look through and here is one example for you to try

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