Fitness Secrets for Hockey Players

Hockey is an extremely popular game in the UK and that is the major reason people prefer to buy good quality hockey equipment from UK. Successful hockey players without fail do that one particular thing every day in the morning and that is exercise. Exercise is a great way to get rid of fatigue, exhaustion and is a great stress buster for players. It is important for people to understand that hockey is an extremely rigorous game where players need to move swiftly and be a lot more agile and have stamina. The focus on stamina is because in a 60 minute game of field hockey, all players need to be active and constantly on the move, hence, the need for improved stamina. Therefore, staying fit throughout the year is of primary importance for all players. In fact exercise is not the only pre requisite, players need to maintain a proper diet as well. As of now, let us focus on the exercise routine.

Cardiovascular Exercise – Hockey is an extremely physically demanding sport and if players are not fit enough to play, then the chances are high that they will run the risk of serious physical injury. Cardiovascular fitness allows players to meet the stringent demands and improves in the healing process when injured. In order to improve the cardiovascular health , the focus should be on aerobic exercise and exercising on treadmills. Sprints are also a great form of exercise that improves the functionality of your heart and shows a consistent progress in the heart rate.

Flexibility and Strength Training – A full-fledged exercise routine is incomplete without the flexibility and strength exercise. Improved flexibility is the right form of fitness that players would need while playing field hockey. The flexibility exercise helps in improving the joints that helps while players are in motion and tightens the muscles. Strength training is also important and there are several body weight exercises to work on building your strength. However when focusing on strength training, it is important to take a day off in between the workouts for the muscles to recover and get the adequate rest.


Endurance Training – Endurance is one of the key elements that all field hockey players need while the game is on. Therefore, it is important that all players go through rigorous and intense endurance training. Endurance training for all players is similar to the training of long distance runners and athletes. This training mainly focuses on allowing players to endure long periods of playing the game on the field. The endurance exercise gives proper muscle training allowing players to continue playing even after a strenuous play in the field. There are three forms of endurance training that every player must perform and those are aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance and speed endurance.

Fitness is extremely important for all athletes and players, but care should be taken that the exercise routine for all players is always kept under supervision of the fitness trainers. Since fitness trainers are the right instructors giving guidance to players to get into proper shape before hitting the field for the game.

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