Top tips to help reduce stress on your driving test day

Booking your driving test strikes fear into many learner drivers but there are a few things you can do from the day you start learning to drive to help.

  • Research your driving instructor options – I began by searching driving instructor Market Harborough and found the perfect instructor. It is important that you feel comfortable with your driving instructor and that they have space for regular lessons for you.

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  • Take your time – it is important that you take your time when learning to drive and don’t try to rush the process. If you have a deadline for learning to drive make sure that you allow for enough time to fit in weekly lessons, time for your theory test and a mock practical test.
  • Plan in your lessons – ideally you should have a weekly driving lesson of at least 1 hour in length with some instructors preferring you to have 2 hours’ worth of lessons each week. There are lots of skills to learn in your practical lessons and taking too much time between each lesson can allow for bad technique to creep in or for you to forget what your instructor has taught you in the previous lesson.
  • Practice makes perfect – this old statement is definitely true. Especially with something practical like driving. If you can ask a friend or a relative to take you out for some extra practice driving. This helps you to gain experience of driving without your instructor sat next to you and also increases your confidence. One important thing to take into consideration when finding some to help you practice is that they must be aged 21 or over and had a full driving licence themselves for at least three years, they should also have the correct insurance on their car.

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  • Don’t delay on your theory test – Once you feel comfortable with all of the theory elements you should book your theory test because once this has been passed you can focus solely on your practical driving skills and building up your knowledge and confidence behind the wheel.
  • Mock test – before your actual driving test with an examiner it is worth booking in a mock test with your instructor where they can run a session under test conditions and take you around a test route. This can help reduce any nerves that you may be feeling about what might happen on test day.

Good luck with your driving experience and start searching for your equivalent of my driving instructor Market Harborough company who helped me pass my test.

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