Keep your boiler working effectively with these top tips.

We have put together four simple tips to keep your boiler working effectively. Boilers are the heart of your home. They give you hot water and keep you and your family cosy and warm in winter. Boilers breaking down in winter is very common, is a disaster for your home, and can cost hundreds of pounds to fix or replace. Here we have five simple ways to ensure your boiler works effectively.

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Regularly service your boiler

No matter how old your boiler is, annual checks of your boiler are crucial for effective running, and for the health and safety of your family. There are plenty of companies that offer boiler servicing. Have a search for Boiler Installation Evesham to find your nearest engineer. Servicing your boiler regularly means that any small problems or niggles can be dealt with straight away, saving you money in the long run. Regular checks are much cheaper than a boiler replacement. Regular checks also give you peace of mind for a warm house in winter.

Get a carbon monoxide alarm

This is important for boilers of any age. Carbon monoxide is tasteless and odourless. It can cause illness and even death. A carbon monoxide alarm will detect even the smallest traces, and keep your family safe. The alarms themselves are small devices, and are available to purchase from all DIY stores, or online.

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Look after your radiators

This is an easy task that you should carry out regularly. Bleed your radiators to let out any trapped air, so keeping them working and warming effectively. You can clean the whole heating system with a power flush. Companies like can quickly and easily do this for you. A power flush gets rid of all scale, sludge and corrosion deposits, by using water sluiced through the system at high speed.

Look after your pipes.

Freezing temperatures can lead to burst pipes. As water freezes it expands, causing cracks in pipes and even bursting pipes completely. Insulate your pipes to keep the water flowing freely through them in the winter. Pipe insulation materials can be purchased from many DIY stores.

These small steps will ensure you boiler will continue keep you warm, providing hot water, and keep your family safe.


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