Who knew there were so many to choose from?

What young child, and even some grown adults, have stood in the middle of a room whilst listening to music and enjoyed the delights of air guitar. I know I have! Games console companies soon caught on to this trend and developed a number of games specific for this interest. Although these have become more and more sophisticated over the years nothing beats actually playing one of the many different types of guitars. If you are looking for Gloucestershire guitar shops it is worth visiting https://www.guitarsmiths.co.uk/ to see what they have to offer.

If you are wondering what different types of guitars are available to you here is a brief list for you:

Acoustic Guitars are those with a hollow body that don’t require the addition of an amplifier. They can be split into classical guitars and flap top or steel-string guitars. Classical guitars are also sometimes referred to as Spanish guitars and usually have nylon strings and are plucked by hand and tend to be played whilst sitting down and produce a classic tone of music. Flat top guitars have a body that is larger than that of their classical counterparts and a narrow neck. The overall structure of the guitar is stronger. The steel strings on this variety of guitar produce a louder and brighter sound.

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Electric guitars I contract to acoustic ones do have to be plugged into an amplifier in order for the sound to be heard at its best. They are used in the rock, blues, jazz and pop music genres as the sound produced is of a sustained metallic type. More style options are available within the design of the body and the contouring of the instrument. The variety available is due to the fact that an acoustic chamber is not needed to produce the sound needed. Although solid bodies are standard there are types available with hollow bodies if you are looking for an acoustic style sound.

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Electric- Acoustic combinations are available which allow for a blending of the acoustic sound and the features of an electric guitar.

12-string Guitars are available in both acoustic and electric varieties. They are an adaptation of a standard six string guitar. These twelve string guitars have the standard six strings and then a further six thinner strings. Each of the thinner strings corresponds to the same note on a standard string. The strings are coupled together so the standard and thinner string for each note are located next to each other. This means that these guitars are played in the same was as a standard six string guitar.

There are many other types of guitars available but there is an overview of just a few of the options available to you.

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