Tips to Create the Perfect Road Trip

Who dreams of escaping everyday life for a bit? If you and your friends have a free summer or are planning on doing a gap year, then why not go on a road trip? If a few of your group members can drive, you could swap car driving duties too – just make sure to add them to your car insurance. If you’re road tripping in the UK, there are plenty of amazing places to go to; you could visit an area that you and your friends have never been before – here are some top UK road trip routes. With a fully working car, petrol, a map or a satnav, you are ready to go. If you are keen to do a road trip with your friends but need a car, then why not get in touch with a Car Leasing Gloucestershire based company such as, who provide cars on lease, so you won’t have to wait for your dream road trip.

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Start Planning 

Get your friends together to discuss where your road trip should be; draw down your route on a map, and circle the destinations you want to stop off at. When planning destinations, it is important not to leave any friends out, as this could make them less keen to come along; get each friend to write down their top destination to visit in that area, and agree to go to that destination, this shows you are willing to include everyone’s ideas and suggestions. You will then need to work out where you are going to stay; if you or a friend own a camper van or caravan, then this could be the perfect road trip vehicle, or If you and your friends like the idea of camping, then maybe you will want to stay in a tent – this is a cheap and fun alternative. If you don’t like the idea of roughing it though, you can stay in reasonably priced hotels; companies such as Travelodge, and Premier Inn have many good deals on their websites.


When travelling, money is vital as you will need money for accommodation, petrol, food, and fun attractions. If someone is driving, then it should be made clear that each member of the group pays equal amounts for petrol. Make sure you have all of the supplies you need, for example, if you are camping then you will need all of the correct camping equipment. For long car journeys, check to see if there is plenty of air in the tyres and that the oil level is correct – this will ensure that there are no dangers on the road.

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On the day make sure that you have all of the important things that you need; bring plenty of medication and a first aid kit. All in all, just remember to have fun and make a lot of memories. Bring along a camera so you can capture the fun times with you and your friends.

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