Why Ethics is the key to developing Best Business ideas in your business

There is in the world a clear need for ethics, derived from the current situation of economic crisis and corruption, wars, violence, terrorism and drug trafficking, to name but a few of the great evils that today’s society suffers.

Many of them are caused by the weakening of the moral conduct of individuals, organizations and the State itself. The protagonists of these problems are always concrete people who, at certain moments, make decisions in favor of interests contrary to the common good.

Ethics is the key to developing future best business ideas because it guides the behavior of people to do the good, Points out different ways “policies and strategies” and offers the means – tools and practices – to proceed in the proper business of each company by promoting sound actions – honest and transparent – to achieve its objectives. It is worth emphasizing that ethics is not so much a theoretical or philosophical discourse about how things should be from an ideal point of view, but a set of activities that reflect a correct action and avoid harmful behaviors for people and companies.

There is no ethics without freedom

Ethics must be based on freedom and lead to a free process. It is not imposed, it is proposed. Whether imposed on a personal level within a company or imposed by the State level. Although standards are set to achieve this, the important thing is to promote conscious, free and responsible behavior. It depends on each person and those who have the general responsibility of the organization to define the basic ethical guiding rules. It is not enough to establish a code of good government, an ethical code or a code of values. By itself, these instruments, which contain very positive elements, do not transform anyone’s behavior.

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To affirm that a business companies must be ethical is to put the means to make them commit themselves to stimulating practices that make the people who integrate them better and, at the same time, Be translated into improving their products or services, their productivity and competitiveness, their profits and their intellectual and social capital and that is a good business ideas to adopt, with all of the law. First of all, observing the laws and then living the ethical principles and values ​​that are proposed.

For companies, being truly ethical is a “good business concept” because that leads them to achieve their purpose and serve society. Failure to do so is due to lack of political will, or simply because of ignorance of how to do it. We must move from words to deeds. This book proposes a concrete, coherent, simple and clear method to achieve this goal. It is not something free of difficulties and obstacles, which should be examined in some detail, but which is not an obstacle impossible to overcome.

Ethics need management

If you want your company to be more ethical you need a concrete management of ethics in it. Just as a strategic plan is needed and resources are available to carry it out, ethics require specific management and that is achieved to the extent that there is awareness of its need and plans that can educate people with appropriate training to promote ethics Corporate, to use well the different means, whose implementation makes an organization ethical and accumulate an institutional experience that increases the effectiveness of its management.

Now many entrepreneurs come up with some ethics in their companies to be concrete and operative in order to anticipate problems, to help train their people in order to apply ethical reasoning to the dilemmas they face. We need practical and simple methodologies to promote ethical practices in our companies. Practicing ethics is the result of conceiving and putting into a way of understanding and practicing corporate ethics. Many entrepreneurs want ethics in their companies to be concrete and operative in order to anticipate problems, to help train their people in order to apply ethical reasoning to the dilemmas they face.

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