How to Adjust to an Office Job if You’ve worked in Retail

When you’ve worked in retail for all of your working life, adjusting to another job will be a struggle; from constant sore feet due to standing up all of the time, to sitting down and typing away on a computer – it will certainly take time for you to adjust. Both jobs are very different; whilst retail entails a day of talking to customers face to face, and tidying up stock, office jobs typically involve talking on the phone, and attending meetings. If you are struggling with the transition from retail to an office job, then here is how to adjust to your job change.

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When it comes to working in retail, many become familiar with etiquette and how to best face customers, but when you work in an office, it is much more team-based, and colleague facing. In many jobs, there is usually the odd person that won’t take your fancy, but when you are in a working environment, you must remain professional at all times. If you are working in an office full of tea lovers, then it is important to take turns making drinks for everyone – you want to be part of the team after all. If a client comes through the doors, make sure to remember your retail training – but with an included handshake too. If an office space has heaters and air-con systems, this is a common way to create office divide; many people will be too cold, whilst others will find that they are too hot, so it is important to be fair and create a balance that suits everyone. If you need air conditioning for your workplace, then you may want to check out Air con Gloucester based companies, or air conditioning companies close to you, so you and your work colleagues can have the choice of a cooler office. 

Keep on Top of Your Computer Work 

Now you are in an office job, you will have a lot more responsibilities; one of which includes checking your email; when working in retail, you would have rarely used computer software, apart from your till, so you need to remember to keep on top of your emails from clients and work colleagues. If there is a topic you are not sure about, asking another work colleague will be the best thing to do because if you’re trying to work things out on your own, you could end up digger yourself a bigger hole.

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Keep Your Workplace Tidy 

When employed in retail, you are sharing your workspace with your colleagues, so it is not your sole responsibility to clean the shop, but if you’re working in an office, you will be assigned your own desk – this of which is your responsibility to keep clean. If you’re working in a big office, there could be office cleaners that will take care of most of the cleaning, but you will still need to keep cleaning your desk. If you have a comfy work desk, with all of your home comforts on it, that will certainly help you to adjust to office life much better – here are some ideas of what to put on your desk to make you feel happier at work. 

Smart Attire 

Most retail jobs allow you to wear casual clothing such as jeans, and a top, and if you are working in a clothes shop, they will most likely give you a uniform allowance for you to wear their clothes. Office jobs are different though; smart wear is vital in a professional office environment, as you will want to make a good impression – so hold off on wearing jeans and a baggy t-shirt.

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