Play your part in the battle against germs

Pretty much everyone is aware that most of us spend more time with our work colleagues and in our work place than with do with our family and loved ones. It is incredibly important that this environment is one that is nurturing, friendly and most importantly as stress free as possible and hygienic. There is nothing worse than going into work to sit opposite someone with a streaming cold and you spend the next week waking up each morning wondering whether you are going to come down with that dreaded cold yourself. Office environments are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. They are not as bad as schools and nursery’s as it is hoped that the people in the office have better personally hygiene that those of young children and babies. But we all know that that is not always the case!

One way you can help combat this in your workplace is to contact companies like who provide commercial Office cleaning in Cheltenham.

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Here are a few facts and figures about office cleaning:

  • There are up to 25,000 germs on a standard office phone which is a ridiculously high amount considering this is an essential piece of office equipment that we call use more than once on a daily basis and is situated right next to our mouths!
  • Some office desks have been found to be over 400 times dirtier than your average toilet seat. It makes you wonder what people are doing at their desks?
  • If you don’t regularly disinfect your high traffic surfaces it is thought that the bacteria count can increase by up to 31% each day. That’s a lot of bacteria by the end of the week.
  • It has been found that around 75% of bathroom taps could be classified as being a serious risk for the spread of infections and viruses causing illnesses and the same is thought for around 25% of water cooler buttons.
  • A staggering 98% of employees have been affected by a range of minor to major contagious illnesses that have spread through unhygienic work environments. With 25% of these employees believing that their office is not cleaned regularly enough.

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Some of those statistics are staggering and all so easily reduced by utilising the services of commercial cleaning firms like the one mentioned above. Your staff members are your biggest asset and also your biggest liability. Sick days can have a massive impact on the productivity and overall workload of your team so why not do your bit to help in the fight against unhygienic and unclean work environments.

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