List of Windows 10 shortcuts, ready to use

The shortcut to Windows 10 are keyboard shortcuts, very used among computer users, especially those less accustomed to the touchscreen. The operating system Windows 10 and previous versions, involves the use of a long series of keyboard shortcuts to perform quick actions. Using the hotkeys of Windows 10 allows you to work without using the mouse and menus inside the applications. Often, using Windows shortcuts saves time, optimizes workflow and enhances the PC experience. Here we gives you a list of the main Windows 10 shortcuts, divided by type and characteristics.

List of Windows 10 Shortcuts by Category

Basic Shortcuts, the most used

Ctrl + C Copy selected or highlighted item (e.g. Text, images, etc.)

Ctrl + V Paste the selected or highlighted item

Ctrl + X Cut the selected or highlighted item

Ctrl + N Opens a new document or window on explore resources

Alt + F4 Closes the current app or window

Alt + Tab Used to switch between applications or open windows

Shift + Delete Permanently delete the selected item, without going through the trash

Word, Excel and Office Shortcuts

Ctrl + Y Delete step by step the last entry

Ctrl + Z Completely cancels the previous insertion

Ctrl + A Selects all elements within a document

Ctrl + B Sets bold for selected and future items

Ctrl + I Sets the italic for selected and future items

Ctrl + S Underline the selected and future elements

Ctrl + P Opens the menu for printing the document

Ctrl + N Opens a new worksheet

Shortcut for Windows Snap Assist

⊞ Win + Directional arrows (⇐⇑⇓⇒) Allows multiple windows to be used at the same time

Shortcuts to Manage Virtual Desktops

⊞ Win + CTRL + D Opens a new Virtual Desktop

⊞ Win + CTRL + F4 Closes the Virtual Desktop

⊞ Win + CTRL + Directional arrows Switch from one Virtual Desktop to another

Shortcuts for Windows

⊞ Win + M Minimize all windows

⊞ Win + E Opens the Windows Explorer window

⊞ Win + D Displays the desktop by reducing all windows

⊞ Win + TAB Allows you to quickly browse through open windows

Shortcuts for Games and Multimedia

⊞ Win + Stamp Take a screenshot of the screen and save it in the Windows image folder

⊞ Win + G Opens the Games bar in Windows 10

Screen Shortcuts

⊞ Win + O Lock screen orientation

⊞ Win + (+) or (-) Activates the magnifying glass to zoom in or out the screen

Shortcut to activate Cortana

⊞ Win + C Opens Cortana in voice listening mode

⊞ Win + S Opens Cortana in text search mode

Other Windows Shortcuts

⊞ Win + Number Opens the application in the position corresponding to the [number] on the taskbar. For example, if you type Windows + 1 and Word is in the first position on the taskbar and click on Windows + 1, Word will open. If the application is already open, a new instance or window will open.

⊞ Win + R Opens the Run dialog

⊞ Win + SHIFT + M Reopen all minimized windows

⊞ Win + F1 Opens the Windows help in the Browser via Bing search query

⊞ Win + F Opens the Feedback Hub window

⊞ Win + CTRL + TAB + Arrows DX and SX Create and move on different tabs (eg the Browser)

⊞ Win + Pause Opens the Windows SYSTEM window

⊞ Win + L Disconnect Windows

⊞ Win + P Starts the Project screen menu

⊞ Win + I Opens the Windows Settings window

⊞ Win + S Opens the Windows 10 search form

⊞ Win + X Opens the Windows 10 start menu

⊞ Win + W Starts Windows INK of Windows 10

⊞ Win + U Launch the Windows 10 voice assistant menu

⊞ Win + CTRL + F Allows you to search for a PC on the network

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