How to wear denim successfully over 50 years

If the ubiquitous skinny jeans are your nemesis, chances are you will have been living a denim-free life for the last few years. Although they have become a wardrobe staple for twenty-somethings and teens, skinny styles are obviously targeted at the whippet-thin.

How to wear denim successfully over 50 years

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This season, denim has finally come of age, and the range of classic styles first seen in women’s designer jeans are now available on the high street. They are perfectly tailored to suit a more grown-up, womanly look. Here are some guidelines to help you open up your wardrobe to denim once more…

Be Bold

Denim should feel tight when you buy it. Not skipping lunch tight, but snug enough to hug your body. Denim slackens with age and therefore you need to buy as tight as you dare. If you can’t find a pair to fit your shape, have them altered! Old fashioned tailors and seamstresses can transform your pair from wonky to wow.

Mum Knows Best

Mum jeans are not just for your daughter. The slouchy, early-nineties throwback is a perfect foil for pear-shapes and you can still eat three meals a day.

Bootcut is Best

The nineties (and seventies) wardrobe staple has returned. Those who remember the comfort and ease of the denim of yore will be swarming to the high street to snap up these most flattering and wearable crowd-pleasers. The genius of the bootcut is the way they create the illusion of a balanced sillouhette, magically minimising an abundant rear and creating an appearance of relaxed elegance.

Go for the Crop

Cropped, tailored jeans also abound in the shops right now. This is a sophisticated look, easy to pair with either casual or office shirts and shoes, and particularly suited to the petite. See the range at

Joy of the Jacket

Denim jackets are back, thanks to the nineties revival. Channel your inner Nigella and wear a tailored one over a cashmere top for instant casual elegance. There are also kimono styles available which inject a sense of glamour.

Curvy Culottes

Culottes have made a comeback… Think 1940’s movie star glamour with a boyish shirt and boots.

Skirting the Issue

Skirts are an often overlooked denim option, but there are maxi and shorter A line styles available now. All are extremely wearable and can be adapted for office or play.

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