Outwards or Upwards?

We all treasure our living spaces, whether they are spacious or cosy. They serve a myriad of purposes, from entertaining to relaxation and everything In between. However, if your family has outgrown the space or storage is at a premium in your home then take a look at these clever designs for making the most of your valuable living space and possibly extending it:

  • Is it possible to repurpose any rooms? You may not have used a room as an additional bedroom or home office before but could it work? Repurposing is an option if extending isn’t. Maybe turn a tiny box room into a larger closet or an unused utility room into an extra toilet? If the current layout isn’t working for you, see if you can get creative with the space and use it in a completely different way.
  • Your home might be the perfect size but perhaps you find the rooms are too small. If this is the case then consider knocking down a wall, for example, between a kitchen and a dining room/play room/living room to create a much more open and airy flow. This will make your home look bigger too. See advice on structural issues before you do this though!

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  • Maximize the space that you do have by remodelling to get the most out of your square footage. Could the understairs space become an additional closet? Could a large hall or landing become an office area or play space? Build up with shelving for additional storage options that won’t clog your floor space.
  • If your family is rapidly expanding then repurposing or maximising existing space will not be enough and extending your property is a further option. For Architects West London, visit https://www.rbddesign.com/. Extending outwards will lose you some garden space but is the easiest and cheapest option. Adding an additional storey or extension over a garage is another feasible option. It will be costlier but could potentially double your upstairs living space and add considerable value to your home. You will need to seek advice from an architect about any major structural changes but the advantage is that you won’t lose any valuable outdoor space.

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  • You could have the perfect opportunity for investing in a loft conversion. There is a lot of potential space in the attic and you could have an additional bedroom depending on the size. Using the correct insulation and a clever professional design, a loft conversion can give your home that much needed additional space for storage or accommodation needs.

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