How to get your Kids Excited about going to the Dentist

Getting your kids excited about visiting the dentist may seem like an impossible task. Children tend to shy away from the dentist, perhaps experiencing some degree of dental phobia and tension. This is quite common in children and even adults, who would rather go months or even years without making an appointment with their dentist. What is it about dentist’s that make most people shudder at the thought of it? One of the worst things you can do is to feed a child’s fears surrounding the dentist, instead, try focusing on the positive.

How to get your Kids Excited about going to the Dentist

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Make them aware of the benefits

Instead of focusing on all of those scary tools and dental equipment, try to get your child to focus on the benefits of their dentist visit. Who doesn’t want a perfect white smile? Make sure that your child is aware of the benefits of oral hygiene. You may also want to offer them an award as a treat for attending the dentist. This can be anything from a family day out in the park, to a trip to the swimming pool etc. This will help your kids to associate the dentist with positive experiences, thus lessening their nerves and anxieties.

Choose a more “child-friendly” dental clinic

Let’s face it, some dentists are a little more on the “scary side”. It’s worth switching dentists to a more child friendly clinic. For example, the number one Dentist in Dublin for kids (and nervous adult patients) is Docklands Dental. Why? Because the staff members have been properly trained and are experienced in dealing with nervous and young patients. Sitting up on the dentist’s chair is a lot easier when you have a flat screen TV on the ceiling. Kids are able to watch their favourite programs on Netflix while the dentist gets to work. This helps to take their minds off the experience, making their dental visit a lot more fun and entertaining!

Teach by Example

One of the best ways to make your child less afraid of going to the dentist is to be a good example for them. According to Colgate, a great way to get your child interested in their oral hygiene is to floss and brush together. After all, kids tend to mimic their parents. By setting a good example, you will help to influence them and make them less nervous when it comes to their next dental appointment.

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