The sheer magic of a boltless shelf unit.

Shelving is a necessity that we all need in our lives be it in the home or in our business. The shelf is a great way of storing or displaying a variety of items for a variety of purposes. Many examples of shelving involve screwing the shelves to the wall of the house or dwelling. Others require bolting together in quite complicated ways. Both need work but there is a type of shelving unit that removes the need for all of that and this is the boltless shelf.

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Boltless Shelving is a great system for the home and business as it gives you a well organised display and allows you to file items clearly. It fits into pretty much any environment either the business, the living room or the garage.

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The best thing about boltless shelving is that it literally does not need any bolts to keep it up. It can happily and securely slot together with the display shelves solidly resting on supports. Some types are easily adjustable offering you the option to vary the heights between them. This means that you can have a variety of objects on the shelves without having to order different units for each selection.

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