Signs you need a new drive

Think your drive is looking a little tired? Have you had it for years? There will come a time when resurfacing will not cut it anymore and it’s time to install a new one. This is a significant investment, but if you’ve seen one of these issues, then it’s time:

  1. Ruining your curb appeal

Let’s be honest. Does your drive look good? If the answer is no, then it is time to act. If there is a crack, crumbling, oil stains or faded patches, this can affect the exterior curb appeal of your property.

People will assess the house at first impression and as the drive is often the first thing people see of your house, an ugly one will not issue a very good first impression. For details on a Tarmac Company Bristol, visit a site like Thornbury Surfacing, a leading Tarmac Company Bristol.

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  1. Resurfacing only lasts so long

If you have patched holes and cracks in the past, this is a short-term solution you cannot always count on anymore. DIY patches might not match with the materials used by professionals who laid it, leaving it bumpy, uneven and not suitable.

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  1. Wear and tear

Nothing lasts forever, and whatever was used to make the drive will break down and deteriorate over time. Think of how much traffic your drive is subjected to and you may understand that it’s time for a new lease of life. The driveway can be affected by:


variations in temperature

UV rays

Many foot steps and years of vehicle access

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