What Diseases Can Affect birch Trees

There are many diseases that can affect birch trees. These include such common, and easily prevented issues as leaf spot, leaf stains, scale, and leaf discoloration. Some of these are simple enough to prevent while others may be more complicated.

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Leaf spot for example, is very easy to prevent if you water your birch frequently, but it will still occur on a regular basis if you don’t. Scale on the other hand, can be prevented with the correct care, but it can also be a difficult problem to get under control. A leaf spot on a birch tree could turn into a full blown scale tree which is fatal and will require the services of a Tree Surgery Gloucester way such as https://geoffreyurchcontracts.co.uk/residential-gardens/tree-surgery/tree-surgeon-gloucester/ to safely remove the tree.

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Of all of the diseases that can affect birch trees the most dangerous ones are insects. There are many different types of insects that will kill a healthy birch tree. One of the most dangerous to a tree is a red spider, also called a winter spider. The winter spider is especially dangerous as it will suck all of the sap off of a healthy birch tree leaving the tree with little moisture to re-grow. If you happen to see a red spider near your birch tree, you should take immediate action to get rid of the pest.

Other pests that can affect your birch tree and are relatively easy to spot are blackflies, aphids, lace bugs, whiteflies, and thrips. Aphids can often damage the bark of a tree by chewing at it, causing rot, and can even make your tree unstable. Aphids can usually be identified by their black, powdery exterior where the honeycomb portion of the honeybee’s body fits in. Lace Bugs can cause much bigger damage to a tree by sucking all of the sap off of it, but they are much easier to spot.

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