Tips for New Drivers

Passing the driving test is an exciting experience and often a great relief too! No matter whether you pass on your first attempt, or it takes you many tries, you have done it and now the open road is yours for the taking. It’s normal to feel nervous though. After all, this is the first time you will be driving completely on your own. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable:

Do not offer lifts straight away

As soon as you have a driving license and access to a vehicle, there are always people who ask for a lift. If you find your own friends in the car distracting, then put them off until you are feeling more confident. The risk of dying in an accident for young drivers doubles when they have friends in the car. You will have plenty of time to take your mates out and about but first spend more time getting familiar with the driving itself.

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Turn off your phone

It is illegal to use a phone while driving, but even if it is in the passenger seat, the sound is still able to distract your attention from the road. Put it on silent or turn it off, so you cannot hear or even think about it. A quarter of all road traffic collisions are said to involve drivers distracted by their mobile phones.

Understand your obligations

There is more to having a car than just getting in and driving where you want to go. Make sure you are aware of when your tax is due, that you have a valid insurance and know when your MOT is due. Once you have your license, the last thing you want is to get into trouble, get points or risk losing your car completely. It’s wise to get some breakdown contingency too, to avoid being stranded anywhere on your own. For more information about Car Recovery Swindon, visit a site like ND Services, suppliers of Car Recovery Swindon.

Practice makes perfect

Facing your fears is the only way to overcome them. The more you get in the car and drive, the more familiar it will become. Perhaps you could consider taking a Pass Plus course which includes an additional 6 hours to further boost the skills and confidence. You can always ask a trusted person, perhaps your parents to accompany you for some time, even if it’s just to pop down to the local shops.

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Keep calm

Maybe you have something that helps you relax, such as playing music or chew gum. If certain music helps to make you feel comfortable, then by all means give it a try, just do not have your music so loud that you cannot hear approaching emergency vehicles or to the point where it distracts you from driving, for example.

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