What has changed in the conditions for YouTube some stars are threatening to leave?

In the last hours, some youtubers with a large number of followers found the unpleasant surprise that the platform had deactivated advertising some of their videos, along with a warning notice was because its content was not “appropriate for advertisers.”

This movement has done nothing but cause confusion among the community of content producers to YouTube, which sees it as a form of censorship, but there are those who defend that this is only a change in the way those conditions are written and that, in fact, are now clearer than before.

So what is the change exactly? Not even clear yet that is a new policy or a simple change in the way of putting it , but what is clear is that YouTube has strengthened its guidelines to decide what kind of content is “advertiser-friendly”, ie suitable for advertisers.

What has changed in the conditions for YouTube some stars are threatening to leaveYouTube, meanwhile, defends himself saying that politics has not really changed , but it is an improvement in the notification process to give developers the opportunity to rectify.

As we read in the help section of YouTube, the inappropriate content for advertisers include, inter alia:

  • Suggestive scenes of nature, including partial nudity and green mood
  • Violence, including images of serious injuries and events related to violent extremism
  • inappropriate language, including harassment, obscenity and vulgar language
  • Incitement sale, consumption or abuse of drugs and controlled substances
  • Events and controversial and sensitive issues such as war or political, natural disasters and tragedies (though not explicit images appear)

The curious thing is that almost all know some youtuber famous that includes any of these points (or all) in their videos. Hence many of them are worried about the future of their ability to monetize on YouTube, especially if they have no other source of income.

The reaction of the youtubers

It is still unclear what impact will these new guidelines on creating content, since everything depends on the discipline with YouTube to apply the rules. So many of them are limiting to wait to see what happens, while others appear to have panicked – and who has the whole thing to joke is taken.

A good example of the importance of these changes is, for example, the case of Philip DeFranco a youtuber with half followers that states “want to close my YouTube channel, and I have very clear why” 4 million

Philip commented on Twitter that a video denouncing the abusive behavior of a user Lyft was marked as YouTube for having inappropriate content . The thing has not stopped there, since few hours after the channel DeFranco has already accumulated a dozen more marked as inappropriate videos. For it is, quite simply, a form of censorship.

In the case of DeFranco, this youtuber ensures that fortunately has other financing; but other content creators do not have that safety net and face economic losses that eventually could make their unsustainable channel (and with it, their way of life).

On the other hand, as noted above, there are those who take these renewed advertising guidelines humorously , and lunges without fear of creating a video where broken every one of the rules that prevent a youtuber monetize their content.

Meanwhile, video creators from around the world continue to receive notices YouTubeby “not suitable content for advertisers , ” while the video platform, but has answered the doubts of some, still does not make a general statement that explains the why this change and help ease concerns.

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