What are the Dangers of City Life

All cities can feel scary and threatening at times especially to those of us who are not familiar with the hustle and bustle of city life. When walking around London in rush hour it can sometimes seem like you need a close protection London company to keep an eye on your safety! But not all dangers in the city are what you might automatically think. Whilst it is true that crime is much higher in the city, there are other dangers that are not as obvious…

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Pollution – One of the biggest dangers of life in the city is the much higher pollution levels. London has for the last few years faced a lot of criticism for the ‘toxic air’ in the city. Although it is doing a lot to reduce carbon emissions, London and many other cities around the world have a long way to go. Living in a city can cause all sorts of health problems when it comes to pollution.

Transport – Although transport links in the city are much better, you have a much higher chance of being involved in a road traffic accident in the city. If you like to cycle, city life can be particularly dangerous compared to rural cyclists, as you are cycling on much busier roads in the city.

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Mental Health – In the city life can move quickly and is generally much more fast paced. This can lead to many more people having mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, compared to those who live a slower pace of life rurally. In the countryside, people also have much easier access to field and woodlands which are very good places for relaxing and lowering stress levels.

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