Is double glazing the most efficient choice?

Double glazing has definite, quantifiable benefits and can increase the comfort of your home. However, not all double glazing is the same, and not all windows are the same, so the case for double glazing should be evaluated for every home individually.

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Savings on fuel bills

Double glazing helps to keep the heat inside your home when the temperature plummets. Installing double glazing won’t immediately pay for itself in terms of energy bill savings, although if you remain in your home for a number of years the cumulative savings could be considerable. Of course, double glazing also increases the value of your home, so, should you decide to sell, much of the cost of installation will be recovered with the increased sale price.

Combined effort

Draught proofing is another great way to save money on bills and to increase the warmth and comfort of your home. In fact, The Telegraph recently ran a report on the many benefits of draught proofing your home. This does not need to be a very expensive option. Sometimes a rather charming knitted and stuffed wollen character is a fun thing to use under the door. This also includes looking at your roof space and making sure that there are no draughts coming from this area as the heat rises in your home. If you need to seal any areas then Roof sealant may be a great option.

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If you are going to the trouble of getting your windows upgraded and draught proofed by professionals, then this would be a good time to investigate installing double glazing. The cost of adding double glazing throughout your home will be affected by the type of windows that your home has, for example, whether they are sash windows, and whether they are of sufficient depth for sealed double-glazed units to be fitted. In some cases, new box frames may be needed, which would increase the cost of installation.

Double glazing is a big investment in your home and will undoubtedly increase your comfort. It is a long-term solution that will keep the heat in during winter but also help to keep your home cooler in summer, so its contribution to the enjoyment of your home could well be priceless.

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