Things to Consider when Getting a New Puppy

During the course of the pandemic, there has been a huge rise in people deciding, for the first time, to get a puppy. Of course, for many this was the ideal time, as they were able to be home with the puppy constantly. However, for many, having a new pet, especially one that requires as much time and attention as a dog, can be a shock to the system. If you are considering getting a puppy to join your family, here are a few things to think about before you go ahead…

Puppies need to be trained, so to begin with may often have behaviours such as barking and soiling indoors that are not desirable. During this time period it is a good idea to get the help of a professional trainer, as well as reading books on the subject.

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Puppies are often compared to toddlers as they are into everything. So your house will need to be a secure environment where they are unlikely to do themselves harm. Flooring like this Laminate Wood Flooring from Irwin Tiles is ideal for having a puppy in the home as it is easy to wipe clean and less easily damaged than carpet.

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The cost of having a dog is something to consider – as well as the basic needs such as a collar and lead and of course feeding, it is a good idea to get pet insurance as it is likely that your dog will need veterinary treatment throughout its life, which may well run into the thousands if you are not insured.

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