What to do if asbestos is discovered in the home or workplace

Asbestos anywhere can pose a serious hazard to health but in the workplace, it can cause an issue for both staff and members of the public if it isn’t dealt with correctly. Here are some top suggestions for what to do should any asbestos be found in your home or workplace:

Do not try to handle it yourself

The first thing that must be noted that if you find asbestos in the workplace is that you should not attempt to deal with this problem by yourself. Many people think that the correct first step is to remove it all straightaway – however, experts say this is the last thing you should do. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you do not bother it, or leave in the area if it is in poor condition or damaged.

Asbestos in a stable and undamaged condition is usually not a health hazard – it is only when it has been disturbed, tampered with or broken that it can be a risk. Trying to move asbestos could damage it, which can lead to exposure to the fibres – the very things you are trying to avoid.

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Let someone know – a manager, supervisor or the building owner

If you’re an employee at work then you do not need to do anything to deal with this yourself – the responsibility lies solely in the hands of the owner of the property or the building manager. It is important that you tell them about any asbestos you have found or suspect as soon as possible so they can make arrangements to reduce the risk of exposure.

If you are responsible for the building then you need to take action to ensure that no employee or member of the public is at risk of exposure. If asbestos is in good condition and shows no sign of damage, then there is no immediate risk. If it appears damaged or disturbed, you must remove people from the affected area and call a specialist as soon as possible. For Essex Asbestos Removal, visit a site like https://www.sperion.co.uk/

It may not be asbestos!

It’s important to note that not everything that looks like asbestos is actually asbestos, and equally some materials might appear harmless but can contain some amount of asbestos as a constituent of the material. The key is to not make assumptions – if you have concerns that the material may contain asbestos, contact an asbestos removal specialist.

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Having a survey conducted

The first thing to do of suspected asbestos is discovered in your building is to contact a specialist and ask for an asbestos survey to be carried out. This survey can determine whether or not asbestos is present. At the end of the survey, you should know whether asbestos is indeed inside the property, but also be provided with guidance on what the next step should be.


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