The tops tools to have for your woodworking projects

Woodworking is a great hobby that many people first come across in school Design and Technology classes and for some this becomes a lifelong love. Wood projects include everything from decorative items in the home, garden furniture and larger items around the home. As well as purchasing the appropriate wood for your project, that you can find from Southampton Timber Merchants, such as, there are a number of different tools that you will want to think about owning.

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Here are some of our top suggestions for woodworking tools:

  • Workbench – A solid work bench should be the first piece of equipment that you look at purchasing, or perhaps building yourself. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just large enough to be able to plane and saw wood pieces and to clamp the wood in place whilst you are working. You can find a variety of different workbenches from those that remain permanently in place to those that you can store and put up only when you need them.
  • Jack Plane – The plane is a bench plane that allows you to work along the wood and is a great starting tool whilst you hone your skills and decide on the different types of planes that you may want to purchase. This will of course depend on the types of projects that you are thinking of completing and your financial budget.
  • Hand Saws – also sometimes known as panel saws. You will want to purchase yourself two specific types – the Rip and Cross cut varieties. The Rip Cut saw cuts along the grain of the wood that you are working on and the Cross Cut saw cuts across the grain.
  • A Try Square – If you are looking to create pieces that have precise edges or joints a try square will enable you to draw out and create 90 degree angles in an instant. You can find a variety of these, but a metal try square is best as they tend to be more accurate.
  • Folding wooden ruler – these rulers are invaluable for anyone looking to work with wood. Not only do they fold up for easy storage but they allow you to measure and mark out a number of different lengths with relative ease.

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There are a number of other tools and equipment pieces that you may want to consider looking at in the future but these five will get you on to a good start.

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