Should I consider fitted wardrobes?

Homes in the UK are not the biggest in the world and quite often come in quirky shapes, especially older properties. This means finding the right wardrobe for a room can often be a tricky affair. So, if you are considering fitted wardrobes, you might be wondering the following things:

Will there be more space with this kind of wardrobe?

The simple answer is yes. A fitted wardrobe can be built right up to the ceiling and even accommodate an alcove or awkward chimney breast. They can be custom built to just the right measurements, meaning no compromises on using all the space available in your room.

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Will it be a solid investment?

Whilst they will undoubtedly cost more, you will be set up for years with perfect storage and won’t need to waste valuable money on replacing ill-fitting free-standing units every couple of years. Plus, if you intend to sell your home in the future, buyers pay a premium for good storage so you will undoubtedly be adding great value to your property by investing in fitted wardrobes. For Fitted Wardrobes Dorset, visit

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Can I choose what type of doors I want?

Of course, with a bespoke unit, you can choose any finish, detail and door type that suits your needs best. Whilst the internal set up is important, remember that most of the time the doors will be closed, so you’ll want it to look great. For rooms with compromised space, consider sliding or bi-fold doors. Mirrored doors will also make the space look bigger.

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