Have you had a lightbulb moment?

Do you have a wonderful idea, or have you created a product that could take the world by storm? There are lots of things you can get help with to patent your invention and capitalize on your great idea. Businesses offer complete services to patent and sell your idea for you, but you can do it yourself.  You will need to consider a few things very carefully, however:

Write it down – it’s no good if an idea just stays stuck in your head. You need to plan and have solid evidence of when and how you developed your idea.

Do lots of research both from a business and legal approach. The first thing you need to do is a patent search to check that someone else hasn’t already patented your product or concept.

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Begin a thorough Business Plan

If it’s an invention that you have, make prototypes

Seek protection – You might choose to go your own way or sell your concept, but either way, you should seek a patent quickly so that it legally remains your concept.

Invention marketing – This is usually the time when you will need to decide to do it yourself or license your product through another company.

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Business and marketing strategies may be something that you do not have experience with but there are many companies that can offer expertise and advice. For a Brand Strategy Agency, visit Really Helpful Marketing. Should you wish to retain your idea or invention and start a business with it, you may realize that you have certain skills missing. This is where a marketing firm can really help you.

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