Planning a successful office move

Moving offices can be incredibly stressful when you think about how best to get all of your office equipment from one place to another and how best you can do this without disrupting your business too much. Here are some great ideas to keep the move as stress free as possible.

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Planning – make sure that you plan how you are going to move and who is going to be involved in this in advance. You will need to think about whether you are going to move a couple of individuals over to your new building before the others so they can be set up and dealing with customer enquiries whilst everyone else moves. Or you could look to move in the evenings or weekends when your office hours are normally closed.


Staff involvement – getting your staff involved can help make the move go a little smoother. Why not ask them to box up the items from their desk and have it labelled ready for when it is moved to your new location. You can make it a great team bonding experience and bring in pizza and cakes for everyone to enjoy .

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Preparation – make sure that you have contacted all the relevant utility companies and had your supply ended or switched over to your new premises and have your Contract Cleaning Cheltenham company like come in to clean your old premises after you have left and also to clean your new office space before you move in with all your furniture and equipment. This then makes it a nice moving experience for everyone and the contract cleaning company can then move over to your new building for your regular daily or weekly cleans.

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