Various types of insurance for builders

The building industry can be one risk with the ever-present possibility of accidents. Builders insurance is a must for builders, contractors and construction workers on site. Construction is the riskiest industry, accounting for nearly one in every four deaths related to work in Europe. Construction is one of the largest employers in the UK.

Accidents do happen and they happen even after the strict implementation of best practices.

Builders can choose from the following types of insurance:

Public liability insurance for builders – This helps to protect builders from claims made by members of the public and customers who might have suffered injury or property damage as a result of the construction business. For Insurance Brokers Bristol, visit a site like

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Financial losses – often free of charge with public liability policy, it helps to protect against financial loss claims arising from injury or property damage

Product liability insurance – This type of policy gives cover against claims of injury or property damage from products manufactured or supplied by you

Employers liability insurance – This insurance takes care of the costs that can come following a death or injury claims. For companies who hire staff, this cover is mandatory and failure to have this cover can result in stiff penalties.

Tools and equipment Insurance – This insurance covers the costs associated with damage or theft of tools and equipment.

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Professional indemnity policies – This insurance provides protection against claims of professional negligence. This is very useful for builders who provide services to other businesses

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